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Yes, of course that is possible. But this is only a behavioural flag. The real security relies in the communication with the API.

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These are just guidelines and cannot be used as copy/paste. You have to write your own code. This works in all AngularJS versions.

Great article! Very useful :)

Hi rosscdh, yes, you are right. However this is just a basic skeleton for an application. It should be connected to an API and all (and I mean ALL) of the verifications for authorizations should be done there. Javascript is just not safe... client side has it's perks but also it's flaws. Thank you for your comment, it should be useful to others as well.

Hi krishyalla, I've made some improvements on that particular subject and I'll share them with you. I'll post it over the weekend. Thank you for reading my post ;)

EDIT: here it is

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Awesome tip, thanks!

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