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Thanks @yaw! I like to edit my aliases directly in .gitconfig and I tried putting single quotes around the whole thing but that didn't work, instead I escaped the double quotes with backslashes.

I can't get this to work. I think it's erring because of the space in my name.

fatal: ambiguous argument 'Ideler': unknown revision or path not in the working tree.

Here's the alias in my .gitconfig:

today = !git log --since=midnight --author="$(git config" --oneline

And my Git user name:

$ git config
Dennis Ideler

If you use the fish shell, run dos2unix ** from the top level of your project and it will recursively convert all files (except for hidden files).

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Just a link to your medium blog? Would be nice if you at least wrote a summary here.

Helped me! I forgot that git:// is read-only, I must have not been logged in when grabbing that URL.

That sucks, but it does mention that potential problem in the man pages.

I use a (fish) function to avoid making the same mistake:

function find-and-delete
  find . -name $argv[1] -delete

E.g. find-and-delete '*.pyc'

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