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College academic writing: 10 tips for ESL learners

When students enter college, they are required to work on multiple assignments at a time and instructors require students to write assignments in proficiency English. It is considered to be the most difficult part of their academics because they don’t have expertise in the English language and can become a trouble for them. Most of the students are stuffing in foreign countries so they are not native speakers of English. The newbie students need much effort and a lot of time to work on write my paper assignments. There are multiple problems faced by the students whose first language is not English.

Learn to place the articles correctly

Whenever you start to learn English as a second language, do focus on the English language rules for article placement, see where the article appears. Either they are before the noun and noun phrase or these exist somewhere else. Either you will miss” the '' article or will write it when it's not necessary to write. So firstly learn the use of articles in sentences. 

Don't use pronouns everywhere

The words that are used in place of the English language ( I, we, you, they, them, their, he, she, it, etc) should not be used frequently in the paper. Using pronouns again and again in English writing gives a bad impression on the paper or consider the Dissertation Writing Services

Use simple terms and vocabulary words

The temptation to use very difficult grammar and unique vocabulary will not write my essay stand out. You will miss the grades if the difficult vocabulary is out of context. This is because in trying to impress your instructor, you may write tangled sentences that are vague. You will lose grades instead of excelling in the assignment. 

 Do Not repeat areas from your literature review many times in the text

Whenever you need to write a literature review for a research paper or give any theoretical perspective, you should not add jumbled up information of which you have no clear idea. Repeating one thing two to three times gives a tedious look to your paper that can hasten your grades. 

Keep the tone simple and easy

Another issue mostly faced by college students for ESL assignments. The use of tone and expression of ideas of the paper. Remember, the english language doesn't require you to use very high five styles that are not easy for the readers. The English language only demands clear and conscious ideas. 

Learn the use of a different form of verbs

You should use some well-written English grammar book written by an American author or some known essay writer who has mentioned different kinds of verb forms that are used in the English language. Also, study some published papers in language to be familiar with writing rules.

Don't use introductory sources

I would recommend you avoid using complex introductory phrases and superficial words because these are unnecessary for your assignment. Write every word that serves a particular purpose.

Use positive apostrophe minimally

For non-human objects, don't use possessive apostrophes. In academic writing, apostrophe use is not an appropriate way of writing or else you can Buy dissertation.

Use passive voice in the correct way

It's ok to change the sentence in the passive form where you feel appropriate. There are some instances in writing where using a passive voice seems correct so don't hesitate to use passive voice.

Focus on the comments that are given by your instructor

Once you get back your previous assignment, go through the comments of the teacher and see what he/she has recommended to you and the common mistakes pointed out in your work. Follow these points and in case you don't get them then approach an online essay writing service for all types of assignments. 

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