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@ifermon, it sounds like you have a very interesting setup. What do you use to check if the garage door is open or closed automatically? I rely on seeing the actual photo since I added the camera module to the Pi.

@terrym86, try changing it to 4 = OUT 0

@davidbforbes, it works fine for me if I just connect the 3V power from the Pi to the remote and a ground. I no longer use a battery in my setup. Just double check you connected the 3V to the part that touches the top/side of the battery holder and the ground should be connected to the part that touches the bottom of the battery.

@loral, I don't believe I had that issue with high CPU load. You can certainly try adding the sleep and see if it helps.

However, I actually rewrote the app using Node.js... if you're familiar with Node.js you are free to try it and see if it's better for you. I also connected a camera module and have the Node.js app taking a photo periodically and using that as the background on the html page.

You can check out node-garagepi at:

I hope to get some time to update my guide soon.

@davidbforbes, yes, in fact that is what I did in a later update since I found I had to change the battery every couple months or so. My garage door remote uses the CR2032 battery which is 3.3V and, coincidentally, the Raspberry Pi also has a 3V terminal which is right next to the 5V plug. So you basically remove the battery on the remote and connect the + on the battery compartment on the remote to the 3V on the Pi. Then another wire for the - to a ground on the Pi. Done!

@marklucking, thanks for pointing that out! updated.

@dmikester1, yes it should be as easy as connecting the wires from the relay to the actual garage door opener... mine has 3 terminals and I believe it would be just connecting it to terminals 1 and 2. I haven't tested it out though but it's certainly possible.

@jussikoponen, i'm not sure what the issue is without more specific details. Maybe if you copy and paste what you see exactly would help.

@drio, I thought so too but I couldn't get that to work.

berwick, I think I had that issue in the beginning before I added this to the config:


Initialize following GPIOs with given function and optional value

This is used during WebIOPi start process

4 = OUT 1

Oops. Sorry I misunderstood your issue. Please either redownload the zip file or git pull from repo. The python script for garagepi was indeed missing!!

Thanks for pointing this out!

@berwick, that's correct. You need to install webiopi as mentioned in step 5.

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