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Posted to Re open closed browser tabs over 1 year ago

I'd like to corroborate that it does in fact work on Firefox. I'm quite surprised nobody's posted this before. It's quite a useful trick.

Posted to Beautifying PHP If Else Statements over 1 year ago

@michd Very true. It's not that useful with complex if else statements. It's better with single conditional statements. And thanks for the tip about other languages. :)

Posted to A Thousand Ideas over 1 year ago

@blaxus Curse, blessing, coffee, coding, it all blurs together after a while.

Posted to Beautifying PHP If Else Statements over 1 year ago

Thanks for the feedback guys!

Posted to WordPress Security over 1 year ago

Wordfence is also a good security plugin. It's freemium, but the free version is awesome.

It's rampant, simple, and easy to fix. I have a remote host, so I don't really have to worry about this, unless I copy the temp file accidentally. It's amazing how simple this is. Thanks for the tip.

Posted to Customize your WP Login over 1 year ago

White labeling! I like it :)

Posted to Parsing Large XML Files Using PHP over 1 year ago

Also, if you don't want to increase the time limit for every script on the server, you can set it on a per script basis using set_time_limit(0) which will allow for unlimited execution time. I believe you can also use ini|_set().

Posted to Coderwall - Markdown Cheat Sheet over 1 year ago

@sheerun Agreed. Lorem is not the same as rem, and is not the same as //. It makes it look a little messy.

Posted to One line browser notepad, continued over 1 year ago

Nice! Now you've motivated me to improve this more if possible.

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