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tables dont work

Sure is! Server side script execution timer in milliseconds.

navigatetech - Agreed. In our case, it is my opinion that that we're too early to use a strategy where we're on multiple hosts.

Pineappleio - We only needed 1 c1.xlarge server but I ran 5 of them just in case. See my other post on how I set it up:

ntdunglc - Sure - lets say for example you want to display the list of the 50 states. It makes no sense to query your database for that. It's really slow. Put the list of the 50 states in APC with a high cache TTL. There probably won't be any new states joining the union any time soon. ;)

ck2k on hacker news also added the following comment to this article which I thought was interesting.. he wrote:
Stop using APC and switch to the "new" Zend Opcache.
It can serve 10-30% more requests per second than APC and has several layers of optimization.
It's bundled with PHP 5.5 but will work just fine with PHP 5.3 and 5.4
ps. also turn off file stat in the opcache on production servers
pps. make sure you are using PHP-FPM

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