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Posted to The //* /*/ //*/ comment toggle trick over 1 year ago

I also have been doing this PHP. @ralphholzmann's version is a better one in my opinion, because it can be used multiple times after each other. Allowing you to toggle multiple stacks.

Posted to Thoughts on being a programmer. over 1 year ago

I think a LOT OF PEOPLE need to learn that there is no best way. It's all situational, but for some people it's all black and white.

Excellent protip!

If you are making a website that is going to make use of REST, I think Swagger UI works really well.
But this really only works for API's in my opinion.

Posted to A Thousand Ideas over 1 year ago

I often do this myself, not with a jar, but write it down it a little writers block I take it with me everywhere. My brain like never stops... it's a curse I tell you..

Posted to Random Rows From MySQL over 1 year ago

@goranhalusa Looking back over it now, it's actually not that bad of a solution. I don't try to make excuses. You were right, and I was wrong. But I certainly wasn't trying to be rude.

Posted to Beautifying PHP If Else Statements over 1 year ago

I wouldn't exactly call this Beautifying. But yes, ternary operators are very useful.

Posted to Optimizing PHP over 1 year ago

Excellent tips. I always optimize for speed from the start!

Posted to The Holy Grail of PHP over 1 year ago

You know you are on the right track when you are looking at some random non-PHP Documentation and thinking

I wish this looked like the PHP documentation

Posted to Host a static HTML/CSS site in Heroku over 1 year ago

I never tried heroku, even though I heard of it. This makes a little more sense now, makes me want to go try it out for myself :)

Posted to Your PHP site may not be secure over 1 year ago

I don't think you should be shoving the responsibility on yourself or your website by saying a PHP Site is insecure because of this.

A web server that is running an older version will always be vulnerable to bugs that are not yet fixed. So what you should be saying is Your Web Server may not be secure.

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