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how about doing the following:


thanks @gnuns for the feedback, my only concern with doing that is (if I remember correctly) is safari will download both woff and svg now. The other issue is, svg fonts are much much bigger so doing this to all chrome browsers will increase load time and bandwidth, even if they are on a mac which renders the woff just fine.

I was going to post a follow up where the method could take in a 1-100 value and draw it accordingly. This would give you settable progress, if you could somehow calculate it. For long running processes the data could be fed into the client with separate ajax calls.

Thanks for the comment. Thats why I referred to it as a "loading bar" vs "progress bar" at least in my mind they are different but I should have made that more clear. It appears that the youtube one might actually be a progress bar.. let me see if I can write a follow up that would give a true progress.

@johnbon well thats a good point, you could easily modify it to handle that case

if (!callback.ToCharArray().All(c => Char.IsLetter(c) || Char.IsNumber(c) || c == '_' || c == '.')))

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