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@xtagon It sounds like the transition in animation event listener should be listening for the end of the transition out animation (in addition to the content being available after the request). I don't think CSS3 can do that, but I know greensock can.

Thanks for this! It saved me a good chunk of time not rebuilding pages into one page and doing goofy JS stuff. It would wonderful to see this in a gem that compiles only the animations used and have data- support.

If your animation wrapper has an existing class (say "container") and you're using native JS, don't forget to add a space before "animate" when adding that class.

In addition to the issue @serknight mentioned, I'm getting some choppy fadeInRight animations due to the page loading, then the animation starting. Any suggestions on how to get a smooth animation?

My hands just couldn't get used to hitting CMD left and right. And hitting 3 keys to select a line just seems needless. Because it is. Thanks to this!

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