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Posted to Unit testing in Python over 1 year ago

thanks for sharing! simple yet useful. here are more assert statements for reference:

Posted to The single most useful thing in bash over 1 year ago

as @matleclaire said, just use ctrl-r!

Posted to Post increment gotcha over 1 year ago

i enjoyed this brain exercise! a very original tip -- kudos.

cool -- didn't know about this one. Similar to pushd/popd.

Posted to Serving static pages, quick and dirty over 1 year ago

wow, this is useful! thanks for sharing!

Posted to Java Heap Space - JVM - Set memory over 1 year ago

I knew about the maximum heap size but didn't know about minimum heap size. Thanks for sharing. Just curious: when would you have to set the minimum heap size?

Posted to Quickly Email File From Shell over 1 year ago

do you mean it'll be marked as coming from your machine not your email? (i.e. username (at) machine_name (dot) local)

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