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How do you get through the year with good grades?

Get ready for tests

The most important parameter when grading a quarter is quizzes. Find out what dates the quarterly summative tests are planned for. Prepare mentally and intellectually for them. Repeat what you have learned, do common exercises from your school textbook, and prepare for dictation and exposition. A high score on these questions will work in your favour. For example, if your average grade for a quarter was 7.2 and you did an 8 or 9 on a test, your teacher could give you a quarter grade of 8. Never give up, even if the teacher tells you that you will not get a good grade, ask for individual assignments. In order to cope with an individual assignment, hire a professional with legit and not a scam from Studybay. How do I choose a service? According to reviews.

Partner with Classmates

Usually, you're not the only one who has trouble with grades. Invite your friends to work together towards your goal. Get together where it feels good to learn. Just try not to be distracted by extraneous activities. Let it warm you up to the idea that over the holidays you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Graduation is a very stressful and difficult year. But a good diploma increases your chances of getting in. So think about how to improve your grades beforehand, plan ahead, and don't hesitate to ask your teacher, classmates, and parents for help. And we're sure you'll do great.

Rule 1: The first semester is the last week.

Yes, that's what I call it. No matter what you say, teachers hope kids mature over the summer. It's like in first grade you've shown you're smart and they'll always try to pull you along. So, study the first semester, or at least the first quarter. Believe me, that's when you can earn a huge amount of "free" grades. In the second semester, there are a lot of holidays and summer is coming ... Do you agree, you don't want to study? I fully support you, but do not forget to include in the last week all your forces and catch up, retake your debts.

Rule 2: Kill the passivity.

School is a time of fun, conferences and new acquaintances. Don't just sit behind your classes. Go to the self-government, participate in school sections. Firstly you are excused from a lot of lessons because of the rehearsals and if you win something else (for example, a competition), then you for these absences are not only scolded, but also praised. And, of course, someone will get the cherished twelve.

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