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Posted to Rails Quick Tips - Random Records over 1 year ago
ids = User.ids.sample(5)
User.find ids

There is still a plenty of room for the improvement.

Posted to Working with Unicode in Ruby over 1 year ago

Default in Ruby 2.0

What if you want to do page/action caching?

Use GraphicsMagick. It's supported by mini_magick.

Posted to Real time in Rails over 1 year ago

Use Time.current

Posted to therubyracer and libv8 gem on centos5 over 1 year ago

Latest version of therubyracer doesn't require libv8.

jQuery find() convention has bad performance

For DOM queries use Cascading $('#foo a') or parent > child $('#foo > a').

// bad
$('#foo', 'a').hide();

// bad

// good
$('#foo a').hide();

// good
$('#foo > a').hide();
Posted to Quickly increment/decrement over 1 year ago

42<Ctrl-A> to increment by forty-two

Bad tip. Doesn't work for all cases. Rails has SecurePassword module.

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