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Personal opinion, here, but I think there is a larger issue being overlooked here.

The purpose of either for() or .forEach() is presumably to actually do something with each of the array elements. Simply comparing the two method's speed, divorced from actually doing anything inside their loops is a rather meaningless comparison. The work being done inside the loop of each method is going to dwarf the execution speed of the looping mechanism itself, almost to the point of irrelevance.

By the time you add a simple database lookup, and a printf(), 99.9% of the time is going to be spent on the work, and 0.1% of the time is consumed by the actual looping mechanism overhead.

If you had a million array elements to iterate, and nothing more than "i++;" inside the loop, then yeah, maybe the benefits of for() over .forEach() might be worth considering. But this is rarely the case.

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