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How to write a comparison essay

Did you get assigned a comparison essay?

The first step is to understand what a comparison essay is and how to go about it.

A comparison essay or a compare and contrast essay explain different ways in which two subjects are similar or different from each other.

You can choose any two or more subjects as long as they have some relation or belong to a similar category. For instance, you can compare (similarities) and contrast (differences) between a novel by Shakespeare and Dickens. But you can’t write on a book and let’s say a sport. You can also get assistance from essay writer free service as well.

Steps to write a comparison essay

Figure out the topic – the first step is to figure out the basis of comparison. What do you want to compare and contrast in your essay? Whether you want to focus on comparing ideologies, objects, people, etc.

Gather data – next, you need to identify the similarities and differences between the subjects and list them down. Focus on the main aspects that are different or similar from one another.

Create a thesis statement – once you have listed down the similarities and differences, assess which one is the more dominant aspect. If they are more towards the similar side, develop a thesis statement that reflects it or get details about thesis statement from a senior essay writer.

Figure out the structure – just as every other essay follows a structure to organize information, a comparison essay must also be written using a proper format. There are two formats that you can choose from alternating method and block method.

Alternating method – in this method, the first paragraph is dedicated to the first subject, followed by the second paragraph that discusses the points related to the subject B, but the aspect remains the same — for instance, comparing the price of KFC and McDonalds. This allows you to analyze the subjects in-depth, providing more information regarding a particular aspect.

Block method – here you divide the body in half. The first half presents all the relevant points about subject A, followed by everything that you have on subject B. This approach is useful when you have a shorter essay without any obvious relationship between the two subjects, in terms of comparison.

Come up with an essay outline – once you get to the writing stage, you will have the relevant information and the format. Start by writing the introductory paragraph. Some students really find it difficult to write the essay outline, so they end up getting help from a college essay writer service.

Introduction – introduce the terms that you are going to talk about and the overall purpose of your essay.

Body – using your preferred format, provide a comparison of the subjects. Remember to keep the body paragraphs coherent using transitions.

Conclusion – provide the reader with an overview of the entire essay. Don’t rewrite all the similarities and differences; just present a summary of the main points.

This was a complete guide to help you write a comparison essay. If you’re still unable to craft an interesting essay, then don’t freak out. There’s help available online – reach out to the professional essay writers and have them assist you. If you’re worried about the cost, ask them can you write my essay free and enjoy a quality paper.

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