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What is an essay? An essay is a short piece of prose, a free essay that sets out individual experiences and opinions on a particular issue or topic. Initially, your own essay is not considered a definitive or exhaustive product. This is just a clear vision of your question, indicated by the topic of the essay.

Don't know how to write an essay in English, will help you with this question. The essay can be written on the topic that you propose, or on a free topic that you choose yourself, regardless of whether the work is strictly defining the topic ... If you need to write on a given topic, there is no way out - you should try to reflect their knowledge and point of view in this small piece of text! It seems to me that writing on any topic you choose is a little easier than in this case, you have the opportunity to decide which problem or problem you understand best, and express your opinion in a suitable form.

How to write an essay in English?
Answering the question “how to write an essay in English”, it is necessary to remind that each essay consists of several parts. I have highlighted the three most important introductions, the main body and the conclusion. In the introduction, he should outline the key idea, idea or problem that he will talk about in the main part. Best of all, it sounds like a short but succinct complete statement. By the way, it can be a quote in English, if you can highlight it in accordance with the semantic content of the essay in English.

The main part of the essay in English gives the right to put forward some arguments in order to prove or disprove their main ideas, which express their personal opinion on this issue. There are examples that only illustrate your point of view. When you're writing essays in English or trying to avoid difficult-to-understand collections of phrases that will change your boring job. In this case, the verifier may decide to read the given work. Better to use simple, but at the same time good, literate, high-quality English. Eat more adjectives and adverbs, but the main advantage of writing in English, in this case - synonymous verbs and words in general. Your essay will be memorable, lexical and grammatically “beautiful”. And yes, mistakes are discouraged!

Finally, complete all your arguments and draw conclusions, which will be the last part of your essay in English. All compositions should flow smoothly into each other, all thoughts should be logically connected. A special dictionary will help you with this, which will help you consistently express your opinion.

The main problem in determining the key point - "how to write an essay in English" - is the inability to briefly but correctly express your thoughts. As a rule, we try, as they say, "to spread the idea of ​​a tree" or "running water". Here it would simply be done, because a large amount of unnecessary information in your essay in English will not be a virtue of your work, but a disadvantage. If writing an essay isn't an exam, prepare yourself for it by asking friends and family to read and rate it. Themselves re-read it several times to find out if you have semantic or grammatical errors, and if so, it is safe to get rid of them.

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