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Posted to Better Diffs with SQL Files over 1 year ago

This is perfect, thanks Steve!

Posted to Coffeescript, is worth to learn it! over 1 year ago

For me, the most exciting advantage is The Existential Operator.

Posted to Rails App w/ No Database over 1 year ago

This has most definitely saved me many lost hours as well as gray hairs, thanks!!

@bluetidepro I suppose "pro tip" isn't always black and white. This just came out of a conversation and the answer wasn't easily found at first. When I realized how easy it was to do, I created the tip as mostly a reminder to myself. I figured others that didn't know about $.param might find it useful as well.

Posted to Git: correct commit over 1 year ago

If you wish to amend and keep the same message and author as before (and skip editing), you can use -C.

git commit --amend -C
Posted to Wishing you a multilingual Christmas over 1 year ago


var Christmas = "beer ";
var NewYear = "more beer";

if (Christmas + NewYear == "beer more beer")
    Console.WriteLine("festive hangover");
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