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Good day to you Ladies and Gentlemen,
writing a biography is something I have a big problem with. How can you summarize his abilities, personality and other characteristics in just a few simple sentences? Well, let's try. I work as a sales representative and web designer. I know the two jobs are pretty far apart, but that's how it is. I like to develop my skills in many directions.
And in private? I like football, coloring books with mandalas and movies from the 90s. Old school movie starring Bruce Willis and Jean Claude Van Damme. I also practice karate. I try to exercise every day, but it's not always possible. However, 3 times a week is my minimum.
Want to know more? Email me directly or visit some of my projects. I am most proud of:
It is a website designed to provide free education and entertainment to children around the world. Enjoy!

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