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What is ThousandEyes?

ThousandEyes is an awesome monitoring platform that helps you understand what digital experience your users are getting. You end up having visibility for the entire path that someone takes on your website, app, or other service and are able to make changes if you need to. Companies who rely on their customers finding them via the Internet rely on ThousandEyes to make sure that they can see exactly what their users see so that they can understand and improve on the delivery system so that everyone is as satisfied as possible when it comes to your website or app.

Because of the cloud computing systems today, businesses are able to make changes much faster than they used to, however that also means that things are getting more complicated by being served over the Internet. However, that increased dependence can cause a lot of problems, and IT teams need every tool at their disposal to try to predict and control the behavior of these complicated systems so that your users get the best experience possible. Without an excellent application performance monitoring tool like this one, you could be heading into a chaotic and unmanageable IT environment.

The approach that ThousandEyes takes is to provide as much visibility as possible – it does that by gathering and analyzing a huge volume of data from the various vantage points that it has. That allows businesses to solve extremely complicated problems in just minutes with an influx of data pointing them to the problem areas. You can also utilize ThousandEyes in the planning and testing phases, so don’t worry too much about where your business is at currently.

ThousandEyes has been growing and many of the top Fortune 500 companies use this solution to keep their business on top of everything.