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What is Scalyr?

Scalyr is a solution that is proud to say that it is built by engineers. Other engineers will probably enjoy using it as well, of course. Scalyr is a log management system that works quickly so it is actually providing actionable information. Where many traditional logging tools fail, Scalyr is designed to help you build revenue by going faster than anyone else on the marketplace. It manages to keep things fairly simple, and gives a lot of power back to your team. They have many major clients and this solution looks like it is going to continue to grow.

Scalyr’s main use is going to be for logging and getting alerts about errors. It’s a quick solution that makes it easy to query data quickly and the user interface is definitely passable, especially for the cost when compared to other competitors. Integrating Scalyr should be a reasonable process and it seems to get up to speed a bit faster than most.

Some people don’t love the fact that the storage duration doesn’t seem to be long enough, however overall any of the complaints seem to be outweighed by a lot of positive comments about Scalyr as a logging solution.

Most people use Scalyr to deal with logs and errors including different search errors and some other metrics as well. It’s a nice one stop shop for this kind of information and helps teams get the answers they need from their information quickly.

The support team with Scalyr seems to be one of the best in the industry and you can tell that they work hard to provide as much information as possible as quickly as possible so that you have a nice experience when using their program.