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What is Rollbar?

Rollbar offers error and performance monitoring as well as crash reporting for fast development and a smooth app experience for all of your users. If you have multiple environments, Rollbar is still a quite effective tool and that is something that developers will want to look for.

Rollbar does a great job of integrating with a variety of programming frameworks so that any different environment you use should be supported here with this solution. Rollbar does a nice job of offering to track errors both in the frontend and the backend of the app that you are using for total support in all areas.

When it comes to the deployments section, it is very useful for a lot of developers and the design should be intuitive regardless of if you are super experienced or not.

Rollbar does have an occasional problem, you do have to use the Rollbar library any time you are looking to report errors. It would be better to see a little bit more automation in their system. The search function can be fairly difficult to use at times as well, so keep that in mind as the title is really the key for looking up anything in the program. Grouping can struggle at times, so you need to be careful to make sure that you are looking at correct information when using that part of the software.

If you’re at the stage where you need to implement error tracking with your application, Rollbar probably makes a lot of sense for your business. Rollbar is great for tracking errors, identifying what has caused errors, and to see how frequently those errors are popping up. It is possible to separate errors by what environment they are in, and you can share those errors to your development team pretty easily.