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Posted May 19, 2019


“Pretty Good Stuff”

What do you like about the vendor?

Raygun is a company offering software which conducts error, crash & performance monitoring for both web and mobile apps, giving software developers unique insight into the issues experienced by users of their software applications. With extensive documentation in multiple languages, and excellent customer support, Raygun’s next-generation application monitoring is both helpful and easy to use. With Raygun, clients can gain insight into the bugs and other problems faced by clients to enable fixes for these issues.
Raygun’s features include a bug announcement device which can help discover bugs and issues with the complete app stack. Bugs are reported with a high level of detail, including full stack trace details, that can help developers rapidly figure out how, when, and where the bug occurred. Similar errors are grouped together which helps group and resolve errors more quickly. The software can be integrated with major programming languages such as .NET, HTML, CSS, C, PHP, Python, Node.js, Java, and Ruby in order to track errors in these specific frameworks.

Error management is the main benefit of the Raygun APM software and where this product really stands out. Instead of having to comb through log files, developers can benefit from the easy-to-use bug tracking and reporting system maintained by Raygun’s software. Such automated bug tracking and management saves developers time, which means that software issues are rapidly identified and resolved, leading to more stable software.

Errors are filtered and categorized by group and type of error, the time span in which an error occurred, unresolved errors, resolved errors, and so on. The software has chat room support which enables team members working together can leave comments on individual errors in order to update members on the status and progress of work towards resolving an error. Errors can also be merged by developers, e.g., if the same error occurs across different browsers or devices. Developers can also sign up for email or Slack notifications regarding specific types of bugs. For example, they can opt-in to emails notifying them about larger bugs while choosing not to receive a deluge of emails about smaller, less high-priority bugs. Users affected by the bugs can also be notified.

Raygun’s user interface is easy-to-use, and makes it easy to see how people are using applications, which aspects of applications are being used most frequently, and detailed crash reports. Error rates are measured and displayed, so software developers can see, over time, whether their software has become more stable from previous versions to the current version. Raygun’s Pulse functionality can help developers determine how their software is performing on an array of different devices and interfaces.
Raygun is easy to install and supports many different platforms including Windows, Android, and iOS. Raygun offers both monthly plans as well as a less expensive yearly plan. Customers can opt to use a free trial before obtaining a monthly subscription to the product, which is available for the cloud, SaaS, and web interfaces.

What do you dislike about the vendor?

Happy with everything so far. I do think it may be worth trying so other solutions in the market that are said to be equally as good if not better.

What problems does the vendor solve for you? How does it compare to other solutions you have tried?



Posted May 17, 2019


“Easy to set up”

What do you like about the vendor?

Easy to set up, as it easily integrated into my system. It also supports multiple platforms like iOS, Windows, and Android. Real-time notifications and systematic error filters are some of its fantastic features.

What do you dislike about the vendor?

It's a bit on the expensive side. The interface and the documentation on the website could use some improvements. There are instances where errors are duplicated when grouping them together, making the errors look higher than they actually are.

What problems does the vendor solve for you? How does it compare to other solutions you have tried?

It's still a fairly good buy. Very efficient if you constantly face bugs and crashes in your app. Timely notification is something we can all use for damage control.

It saves your time by allowing you to track bugs within an hour or so. The dashboard conveniently shows the reports I need to resolve issues within the timeframe.


Posted May 17, 2019


“Good solution”

What do you like about the vendor?

I like this software because I can easily mix it with the kind of development environment that I have with just a few commands so I can focus on resolving problems and fixing issues quickly. It also supports other platforms like Android, Windows, and iOS and also supports other programming languages like Java and Python. Some of the other impressive features it has that I really like are error filtering, chat room support, and UI dashboard. Its error filtering uses number and dates with real-time notifications via emails that groups the error in a nice order and it saves you a lot of time. You can easily chat with your other teammates to make resolving issues more effective and efficient because you can create a group chat/chat room your group/team. And the UI dashboard is just nice and pretty putting all the wonderful features in one section. Even since I incorporated Raygun in my project, catching bugs and resolving other issues have been easier for me. Raygun has made my app a more reliable and accurate app.

What do you dislike about the vendor?

The only downside of this software for me is it's a little more expensive than my budget allocation--$149.

What problems does the vendor solve for you? How does it compare to other solutions you have tried?

If the problems you are having are app crashes and bugs then this software is the perfect one for you as it will really help you fix those problems.

What is Raygun?

Raygun is based out of New Zealand and has been around for over a decade now. Raygun charges on a per trace basis, which can make appealing to potential customers looking for alternative pricing models. The software tool is still only available for .NET and .NET Core.