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What is PRTG Network Monitor?

PRTG Network Monitor helps you in real-time to give you a real-time unified infrastructure solution that helps your IT Professionals locate problems quickly and efficiently. Doing that allows your team to keep your application running before they escalate into a bigger problem that effects your end users.

One of the biggest pros about using PRTG Network Monitor is its ability to provide the admin of your business with time. It gives time back to the people who work for your IT department instead of having them constantly monitor for small problems and things that take up too much time, PRTG essentially provides you with a lot of convenience.
This is a Microsoft Windows solution, so if you are a big Apple person you may not love the framework here that allows you to update and monitor your business applications effectively.

You’ll love PRTG Network Monitor if you are trying to monitor everything that you have including different servers, hardware, and even things like routers. That goes above and beyond what a lot of different APM solutions do, so if you are looking for a comprehensive tool it would be a great idea to consider PRTG Network Monitor. It even does things like looks at the different bandwidth that your applications may be taking up.

The IT infrastructure of your business is a real issue that needs to be monitored at all times. If you have a CPU unit that is being overloaded, that can cause serious problems that turn into problems that end users can see. Even things like temperature, memory, or servers that need to restart can all cause problems in different ways. If your team is not aware of these issues, you may be troubleshooting in the wrong area or you may think something else is the problem entirely. It isn’t too hard to miss these clues, but you need to know exactly what is going on at all times. That will help you decide when you need to make new hardware purchases, and PRTG is definitely right for those occasions.