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What is Nagios XI?

Nagios XI is one of the leaders when it comes to a solution for network or application monitoring. As you’ll soon see, Nagios XI is one of the most powerful solutions that you can find anywhere on the marketplace.

Nagios XI does a ton of things right – starting with the fact that it can integrate unlimited hosts into a single dashboard. There aren’t any kind of restrictions for trying to add network devices and when you add those network devices you will find that they can be easily dealt with from the Nagios XI interface.

It’s great to see all of these devices in one single dashboard for a lot of convenience for your team.

This APM solution has a lot of in-depth reporting that can be generated and if you are trying to find the recent status of your network you can also run additional reports. If anything happens with your devices, you are going to be alerted right away with the continuous monitoring that Nagios XI provides.

When it comes to complicated and expensive products like Nagios, it is important to be able to see some sort of trial or demo which is exactly what you can experience via the Nagios website. You can view all of their features as a demo “user” and you will get the feel of exactly what you are getting.

The only real complaint about Nagios XI is the fact that it is fairly expensive to use which will price out certain business owners depending on their needs and the industry that they might be in.

However, if you are in the industry where you have a large data center or you have a lot of network monitoring already going on, this could be a great fit for you. Smaller organizations shouldn’t bother as the cost will be too great, but the usability and reliability will definitely be there.
As a tool being used in big data centers, it’s great because of the bandwidth monitoring that it offers. It’s able to integrate easily and in a major way, able to monitor a lot of different devices at one time.