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What is Micro Focus SiteScope?

SiteScope gives you application performance monitoring that provides a few different levels of support. The solution is designed for you to be able to act quickly so if you have any problems that are bothering users, you should be able to get them sorted out quickly with easy installation and configuration that should not be too difficult either.

One great thing to note about SiteScope is that you are able to access a free trial. Some people aren’t sure if application performance monitoring will be right for their business, so a free trial helps to figure out exactly what SiteScope does or does not do when talking about the specifics of your application.

With Micro Focus SiteScope, you are going to be able to automate the APM that your business needs. Today’s systems are running on complicated cloud environments with APIs and a proper APM solution is going to monitor your performance and make sure that everything is running up to speed.

On top of that, you should be able to change thresholds as you need based on the data that SiteScope gives you to ensure that you are adapting as you need to.

There are a number of ways that SiteScope can help you right away by installing rapidly and updating and monitoring your application. SiteScope can be used regardless of what platform you are on from Oracle, to SAP, to Cisco.

If you are a company that has products from multiple vendors, you should be able to use SiteScope’s predictive analysis to predict potential problems before any users get affected.

Many users say that they are able to effectively monitor Ping tracking, database query tracking, and URL tracking through the SiteScope software.