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What is Micro Focus Operations Bridge (OpsBridge)?

OpsBridge is a service-oriented monitoring solution for Hybrid IT. What OpsBridge does is monitors your entire IT environment and takes data from tools that are already running inside that environment. From there, OpsBridge is going to use automated discovery, analytics, and monitoring across many different areas of your infrastructure.

The Micro Focus Operations Bridge solution exploits Automated AIOps machine learning so that you can reduce the number of events occurring in your application. It also helps you find the root of the problem faster and helps you solve whatever problem may be occurring.

You are able to pass this information along with customizable dashboards that can show the key status indicators of your application along with some other various IT KPIs, which is helpful for seeing things that may not be so obvious when diving into the code. IT teams always have to be monitoring and adjusting their application, so OpsBridge can definitely help make that happen.

On top of all of that, OpsBridge is now easier to use and upgrade when necessary, which means that you are able to move quickly when developing applications which can help you stand out from the crowd.

Another great thing about OpsBridge is that you can bring a lot of different IT resources into one single view with many different integrations that can be used across your entire infrastructure.

Most people are using OpsBridge to monitor and analyze the health of their application so that everything continues to run smoothly. The data from the application is shown in various different reports and dashboards that are available to you as the user as well.

The machine learning that the solution uses is the key to making sure everything gets resolved as quickly as possible so that you are able to provide the best end user experience possible.