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What is Logrocket?

Logrocket is an awesome tool that allows you to figure out why bugs are happening on your website. Instead of trying to guess about what is happening and spending a ton of time trying to re-create various bugs, Logrocket lets you replay what users are doing on your sites so that you can find the problem immediately.

This is a tool that should save you a ton of time as well as being quite convenient for your team. You get a full session replay that allows you to figure out what went wrong, down to the pixel. On top of that, you can see how the network responded to different actions and you’ll be able to inspect your console logs and any javascript errors that occur.

The software is even intelligent enough to describe user actions and to see moments where they are getting frustrated so that you can help solve customer issues easily and efficiently.

Some of the key benefits of Logrocket include the fact that it is very easy to install. The developers you are working with will love being able to see bugs as they are happening and get information from the customer reaction to those bugs – making it very easy to solve the problem. If you look at the session replay function, you’ll see what user actions caused problems and can even allow for fixing things on the spot for your users.

When it comes to things like network requests and browser metadata, Logrocket is able to diagnose any issues fairly easily compared to other software. Most users have been extremely happy with the service that Logrocket provides, and they even issue a free trial when starting out over on their website.

For people who work with web solutions, they know that it can be hard to figure out specific issues without diving into a bunch of code – especially when most of it is working fine. This allows your developers to figure out what actions trigger specific issues and lets you spend less time on these issues overall.