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Posted May 19, 2019



What do you like about the vendor?

Instana enables software developers to observe and track the performance of an entire suite of application programs by installing one easy-to-use add-on, thereby supporting the most advanced technologies in an easy and cost-effective manner. Users of Instana’s products have reported that they are less expensive than competitors’ products, which makes them an affordable way to monitor real-time application performance.
Instana’s APM software is easy to use and well-integrated with other software modules for excellent convenience and utility. Implementation is simple – just add the agent to your server and a sensor to the software code, and Instana will capture all the data needed for around-the-clock software performance monitoring and error detection. This includes auto-discovery of infrastructure including servers, microservices, java virtual machines (JVMs), and more. Instana has worked tirelessly to create a product that can perform well out-of-the-box, and their work to solve the challenges in integrating all of this automaticity into their product gives them a major advantage compared to other APM software providers.
With Instana, technologies detection and monitoring occurs automatically, in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide metrics and insight into software performance. Instana supports all aspects of the software technology, including client-side, server-side, databases, and other components in the app stack. Incident detection occurs on the sub-millisecond scale, and with AI-based monitoring and notification for issues, the software provides developers a powerful, big-picture view across the entire suite of applications. This enables developers to track down and resolve issues in the software to improve its functioning for users and to improve the stability of the software in general.
The Instana dashboard monitor offers a convenient graphical user interface (GUI) for easy analysis and monitoring of performance issues. The ease of use of the user interface and how quickly it allows them to get to the root of an issue is good. The dashboard contains a lot of different information which can be searched (e.g., to find a particular metric) or manually browsed. This enables a big-picture view of the entire application stack. The dashboard works rapidly, so traces can be analyzed and root causes can be determined in less than 60 seconds in a production environment.
The alert system is another important benefit of this application performance monitoring software. Such features of Instana include incident detection, with developers being notified of errors as soon as they are discovered. Alerts can be configured and delivered to a variety of channels including email to rapidly inform developers of issues occurring in the software.
With Instana, the precise, real-time status of applications, hosts, and processes can be monitored in an intuitive, user-friendly fashion. Instana is therefore essential not only for proactive monitoring to prevent issues, but also for post-mortem analysis of issues to gain greater insights into software performance. Instana’s software is an innovator in the microservices area and customers of this product are happy with its performance, cost-effectiveness, and intuitive user interface.

What do you dislike about the vendor?

No complaints as of yet. Would be interested to explore other solutions to compare.

What problems does the vendor solve for you? How does it compare to other solutions you have tried?

general apm applications.

What is Instana?

Instana emphasizes its automation and artificial intelligence when marketing its apm to DevOps teams. Based in Chicago, Instana offers DevOps teams yet another option when considering APM tools. It has been known to focus on serving microservice architectures.