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What is Icinga Monitoring?

Icinga Monitoring is a program that started as a fork from the popular Nagios solution. Icinga is popular for giving you simple access to the data that matters and sends out alerts that keep you updated when it comes to any kind of performance issues with your application.

Icinga checks out your entire infrastructure to allow you to watch any host and application. The powerful engine is able to monitor entire data center or cloud solutions as well. The results are processed and stored in an easy way to manage for efficiency.

The user interface is designed to put as much relevant data in front of you as easily as possible. You also have the ability to customize the views that you get so that the things that matter to you are upfront and center. Icinga is great for organizational monitoring solutions, especially for getting alerts for simple analytics. It seems to be more simple than other software and the reporting is definitely better than other competitors on the marketplace.

While it is simple to use Icinga, the learning curve is somewhat steep. Once you’re through the curve, you should have a great time with the software – but be prepared if you’re a beginner. They’re still growing their help databases, so if you’re having a problem you may have to go it alone for awhile.

Most admins will want Icinga Monitoring to use as a centralized tracking and surveillance system. However, it isn’t the best to use for every company on a blanket basis. Overall though, Icinga is definitely worth a look depending on what you are looking to accomplish with your application performance monitoring