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What is Google Stackdriver Monitoring?

Google Stackdriver Monitoring is a program that allows your IT team to monitor various data about your applications and virtual machines that are using the Google Cloud Platform. It also works for an app on the Amazon Web Services cloud too.

Stackdriver is able to perform a lot of different functions including monitoring and tracking various diagnostic measures to make sure your applications are running at the optimal level. These metrics and metadata will allow you to help your applications run as smooth as possible by looking at the Stackdriver custom dashboard as well as various other kinds of charts or reports.

It’s a great fit if you are using Google Cloud Platform because everything will speak to each other quite easily, but it can also pull performance data from open systems like Apache or ElasticSearch.

Google Stackdriver receives a lot of compliments for the fact that it is very simple to use and the help they offer if you’re having any kind of trouble. For a relatively complex activity, Google Stackdriver tries to make things as easy as possible. One problem that some people have includes the organization as sometimes the layout isn’t as intuitive as you would hope for beginners. Once you have that knowledge, it is fairly simple though.

You should definitely make sure that you understand what is possible with Stackdriver and what you can do by learning about the platform as much as possible. For those looking to monitor the activities they are running on the Google Cloud Platform, Stackdriver is going to be one of the easiest ways to do so without to much additional trouble, helping to keep your app free from issues.