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What is Glassbox Digital?

Glassbox asks the questions, “What if your website had a brain?”. That’s a great place to start for a lot of users who want a more intelligent experience for their users.

Glassbox specializes in giving organizations power to make sure that they can manage and make the absolute best digital experience for their customers whether they are using a website or a mobile app.

The solution uses a ton of big data along with analytics that learn from the behavior of its users to create a better experience. On top of that, you’ll also receive session replay and customer journey mapping which helps you understand exactly what your customers are seeing, doing, and thinking when they are interacting with your information.

This gives some great insight and it will help you understand what your customers are doing, but more importantly it will start to chip away at the “why” behind what your customers are doing as well.

One important area that many website and app owners are struggling to catch up on today is with regulatory compliance. While Glassbox Digital can help you in that area, they also will help you resolve any kind of customer dispute much faster and they can give you some of the best speed around when it comes to IT troubleshooting.

Glassbox Digital has grown quite quickly and now has offices around the world so you can be confident that their support staff is going to be able to assist you appropriately. If you are trying to figure out if the chat-bot you’re using has issues or whether your servers or your customer’s connection is the main problem you are facing, Glassbox Digital is a good choice as a solution to help you figure out exactly what is going on.