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What is dotTrace?

dotTrace is a solution that allows you to detect any kind of performance bottlenecks in a mixture of .net applications. This includes things like WPF, ASP.NET, and Mono and Unity applications as well.

This allows you to check your data as far as calls execution time goes and you can get timeline data analyzing various performance issues as well to check out UI freezes, uneven workload distribution, and so much more.

dotTrace is a great tool if you need to debug your C# code that you are using on your website. It is especially helpful in the sense that it shows you the performance and how long your code is taking when you are trying to perform a specific task. This helps you make better code and solve your issues with easier methods. This analysis is fairly easy to perform and it’s convenient when running code using Visual Studio. The user interface is solid and should be intuitive for use by programmers.

There are some instances when dotTrace gets a bit complicated as far as the UI goes, when you would be able to get the same information from a screen that is a bit more simple. Beginners may struggle at times, and it might be better if the software was a bit more accessible to new developers. If you have experience, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue for you.

If you use C# and are developing high-performing desktop apps, this is something that you will probably want to have. dotTrace also helps you track CPU consumption and any kind of garbage collection issues that may be occurring as well.