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Posted May 19, 2019



What do you like about the vendor?

dotMemory allows us to do a critical evaluation of memory usage in distinct types of .NET Core and NET applications, desktop applications, Windows services, ASP, NET web applications. In addition, this app gives details of memory usage on IIS, IIS Express, processes, arbitrary .NET and many others. dotMemory allows us in the company to easily control the monitoring process of total memory that is consumed by our application in real time. The prolific data can be easily collected on a timely basis by making use of this beneficial app. The prolific session does not come to a standstill when snapshots are taken with a single click. The snapshots are then used for doing a comparison of memory traffic on a certain timeframe. In addition, dotMemory assists in detecting problems with auto-detect.

What do you dislike about the vendor?

The cost is higher and dotMemory's help section should be altered so that every person can be permitted to verify and moderate programs as per their needs. It is difficult to install dotMemory.

What problems does the vendor solve for you? How does it compare to other solutions you have tried?

We are using dotMemory to analyze traffic for some timeframe of the day and week to get a clear idea of the reasons behind high allocations, doing automatic inspections and so on. The errors related to data usage and knowing the codes of products in .net are known properly by using dotMemory.

What is dotMemory?

dotMemory is run by JetBrains, which sells a variety of development tools. Focused on .NET memory, it has gained in popularity over the past few years.