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Posted May 19, 2019


“I'm a fan”

What do you like about the vendor?

Datadog is a good monitoring service for hybrid cloud environments. This platform helps our company to improve their agility, effectiveness and offers end-to-end dynamic visibility. Datadog does enable Dev and Ops teams for ensuring application uptime and improve the go-to-market efforts. There are more than 200 turn-key notifications in Datadog that offer seamless monitoring services. It is quite easy to setup Datadog, make alarms when needed and the integration process is completed barely in some minutes. The configuration process is hassle-free and so the organization's owners do not have any problem. One of the best parts of this app is that it has great customer support, gives sumptuous information regarding systems, infrastructure, and clusters to the customers. Such information is helpful for business organizations in case of doing the critical evaluation.

What do you dislike about the vendor?

Datadog is a bit expensive and it has a large learning curve and thus it implies that more documentation is required to help better this solution.

What problems does the vendor solve for you? How does it compare to other solutions you have tried?

We are getting information about the systems of our organization and also the infrastructure, which is enabling us to make beneficial changes. The benefits and demerits of our system are easily known after using Datadog.

What is Datadog?

APM & Application Performance Monitoring software Datadog examines everything from databases and applications to servers in order to provide metrics, tools and other services that show its users a comprehensive understanding of their software infrastructure. DataDog subscribers hope to enable their development and operations folks to address infrastructure deficiencies efficiently in teams.