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What is Checkmk?

Checkmk is an awesome comprehensive IT monitoring system. If you have system admins, IT teams, or Dev teams that need to look at issues across the entire infrastructure, then Checkmk could be valuable for you. This will allow those teams to quickly figure out issues and act quickly so that they get resolved right away.

Checkmk has become popular because the program ensures high availability and performance for the applications that your users are logging in to every day.

As soon as you take Checkmk “out of the box”, you are going to get monitoring that provides over 1,800 checks right away. You’ll also receive log and event-based monitoring to figure out where things may be going wrong in your infrastructure. When something does go wrong, you’ll have the metrics and graphing to figure out what effect they might have had on your business. If you don’t want to be alerted for every minor issue, Checkmk has flexible notifications and automated alerts that will keep you in the loop – while keeping things hassle-free from the alerts you don’t really need.

The Checkmk solution is one that is quite scalable so larger businesses don’t need to worry that this may not be the correct product for them.

Checkmk also offers superior memory performance and optimized I/O performance so that you know that you are getting some of the best efficiency out there. You have a solution here that has fast installation as well as automation so that you should not be overwhelming when starting out with their system.