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What is Catchpoint?

Catchpoint is one of the leaders in trying to revolutionize application performance monitoring and making sure that your users have the best digital experience possible. They put the focus back on your company so you can provide the correct experience for your customer.

The Catchpoint platform gives you visibility into what the users’ experience actually is with cloud computing that allow you to see this from anywhere. Real-time intelligence gives you insight into your applications in real-time to detect, identify, and ultimately fix any kind of issues that are popping up with even more speed than usual.

Catchpoint uses advanced synthetic monitoring which means that anything from production to development can be looked at when it affects the user outcome. You can look at everything from websites to APIs to user workstations so that you get the best picture of the overall infrastructure and system.

The mobile networks that Catchpoint uses allows it to understand the true performance better than most other competitors. Catchpoint makes it quite easy to understand where your issues are that your customers are experiencing so that you can fix things easier than trying to manually go through and figure things out. They also offer the ability to go into deep dives that help you pinpoint the actual root causes so that you don’t have to repeatedly fix the same issues.

You should be aware of the payment system that Catchpoint uses as it isn’t necessarily as straightforward as some other competitors. Using a free trial is a great way to figure out if Catchpoint is going to be a solution that works for your specific business or not.

While your website is going to run on complicated infrastructure, Catchpoint should be able to fill in some gaps and catch a lot of performance issues that come up with your software.