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What is Blue Triangle Real User Monitoring?

Blue Triangle is used to provide teams with a connected oversight of their marketing, performance, and analytics while constantly being vigilant to check for any security issues that may arise. With this solution, teams can also track the experience that their users are having whether they are on the web or using a mobile app. This can help them identify specific problems with performance or any kind of path issues that would start to affect the bottom-line revenue of the company.

The valuable data that Blue Triangle comes up with is then used to improve the experience that users have as well as keep users more secure when using a company’s website or mobile app. There are plenty of Fortune 500 companies that use Blue Triangle, and it’s an American company that has its headquarters in Richmond, Virginia.

One of the best things about Blue Triangle is the fact that is captures data from real browsers on every interaction on your web property. This gives a ton of control over the data coming into you so that you know that you’re receiving data that matters. You can use Blue Triangle to overcome any problem areas that your website is having as well as looking at things such as conversion rate with valuable metrics that you may not be able to get without a solution like this.

Some people do not love the fact that you have to have a 3rd party tag on every page to get this data and would prefer a system that doesn’t have to rely on API calls.

However, at the end of the day Blue Triangle offers a great mixture of functionality and alerting. If you are just getting started, you should start slowly but eventually you should be able to build up and be getting tons of valuable data from this platform.