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What is Azure Application Insights?

This is a tool from Microsoft that allows you to transform your business with a modern performance monitoring tool. Azure allows you to collect and act on data that lets you maximize the performance of your system so that your applications are running as smoothly as possible. You’ll be able to proactive about identifying problems, acting within seconds to fix any problems that may have come up.

If you are already using the Microsoft web app eco system, using Azure is going to be a big hit for you. There is a ton of information to be gained by using Azure and live monitoring of app performance is definitely huge if you are looking to improve your user experience. While it offers the live monitoring, it also allows you to look back and perform custom queries and look at other historical data. For now, the outlook on Azure is extremely promising as Microsoft continues to support it.

The biggest problem with Azure comes in the user interface area. It’s not great by any means, but if you are able to withstand the learning curve you do get a lot of useful tools that can help your business.

Microsoft is an industry giant, and this platform is great for people running cloud hosting or cloud services. The support Microsoft is giving Azure is second to none at the moment.

Azure will be best used by anyone trying to monitor live performance issues with their web applications as well as analysis into deeper issues that may be caused be inefficient code or any kind of tie-ins to other programs running with your application. They do have an online database that helps you learn about the software with various online courses and videos.