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What is Atatus?

Atatus is able to provide performance monitoring for your whole application. Your team will be able to view metrics that matter and the ones that are important for you to provide reliable and fast software to your end users.

As soon as an issue occurs, you’ll be able to understand exactly what happened with Real User Monitoring from Atatus.

Your end user performance should be a lot better when you understand what kind of issues cause your slow loading and delayed experiences for them. When you are able to fix those kinds of javascript errors, your performance will go up and the health of your apps become a lot better. You can measure both frontend and backend performance with Atatus and judge satisfaction with something known as an Apdex score.

Atatus helps you keep everything running smoothly so that your users don’t even see potential issues that could have occurred.

Installation is quite easy for users, many say that it is easier than other APM solutions out there on the marketplace. Once installed, it seems to be rather intuitive to use as well. The user interface can be confusing at times, but as long as you stick with it you should be able to figure it out and Atatus has pledged to make things easier on that front.

It can be quite easy to get Atatus installed, so if you are concerned about technical difficulty then this may be the right route for you.