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What is AppSignal?

AppSignal is an awesome tool that will allow you to build and launch your apps faster. We all know that speed is hard to come by when launching an app, but it’s also one of the most important factors as well.

With AppSignal, you are able to inspect and improve the performance of the application that you are going to build and launch. Your customer’s experience will be the end result that improves because you can do things like get alerts when requests are slow and taking a long time. No one wants to have a frustrated customer because of slow response, and AppSignal helps you take care of that the right way (right away).

For those who are building and launching a Ruby on Rails application, AppSignal does a great job of being easy to add and right away it should provide a lot of meaningful metrics as far as your web requests go as well as your background jobs that are processing. As you add on to what AppSignal does, you should be able to add various custom events specific to what your app is trying to do, and it shouldn’t be too painful to make that happen. While some monitoring tools only support MRI with Ruby, it is great that AppSignal also supports JRuby as well.

Some people say that AppSignal is a lot easier to use than other APM solutions out there, and the AppSignal pricing is quite fair as well.

One benefit that AppSignal offers is the ability to start a trial to see if it is going to be a good fit for you right out of the box, from there you should have a much better idea if you want to keep using it.

Using AppSignal to monitor the overall performance of your app and to profile specific web requests to improve them is a common use of the solution. It can also help you log unexpected errors and provide stack traces as well. If there are unexpected errors after a deployment, you should be alerted to those activities as well.