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What is Anodot?

Anodot is an AI platform that has been built specifically to monitor and analyze all of the data that comes in from your application in real time to significantly increase the performance that you receive from your app making your business more reliable all together.

Anodot is a great platform because it helps to monitor your revenue situations and brings up any potential issues as well as any opportunities that you could be missing out on in real-time. It also allows you to find incidents that could be harming your user’s experience which will actually give you better conversion rate as well as increase revenue on that end as well. At the end of the day, Anodot wants to give your users the most smooth experience that they can have and it helps you give them that experience.

Anodot works well to spot anomalies in any kind of data set that you feed to it and it will help you search out unexpected behaviors that should allow you to make your customers’ experience better and make sure they have a smooth experience. The team at Anodot has received high praise as they do great work and put in tons of time and energy to make sure that anyone has a great experience using their software. The setup shouldn’t be too complicated and all of the integrations are fairly easy to deal with.

Although Anodot works quite well, the user interface is kind of clunky at times and there are a lot of areas where they could improve for their users. If you are looking for a “set and forget” piece of software, that isn’t really the best way to use Anodot.

It can also be difficult to determine what an anomaly is when it comes to things you should care about. Sometimes it triggers events from simple things like big sale events which don’t need to be considered “alerts”, although that comes with the territory of performance monitoring.