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Posted to File nesting with interfaces over 1 year ago

@sohape I have the same approach and nest my concrete classes under their interfaces. I have never nested a class unless it is being used or registered with a DI container. To me, having interfaces or contracts in a separate assembly is a false sense of loose coupling. If you have an interface and it has only one implementation, to me it makes sense.

At the end of the day it's a team decision, and a decision which won't start or finish your project on time and under budget :D

Posted to Using bitmasks to store settings over 1 year ago

I once worked at company which was licensing a product connected to a 3rd party proprietary database which we had almost zero control over. There was a table in particular that needed two additional integer type columns. With only one column "spare" in the table, I suggested we use a bit-weighted value to solve the problem.

It's not an old idea but one to remember "just-in-case".

I should also point out that code which dealt with these values was harder to read. Bit Shifting is an easy concept to understand but unless you're shifting bits all day, it's bound to slow down some developers and make them pause longer than they need to while fixing an issue in production.

Some convenience wrapper type methods would add value.

Posted to File nesting with interfaces over 1 year ago

@Stevenbey, think of it as the default implementation to make consumption and sub classing easier for other developers who have to implement the interface :)

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