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iPhone is Winning!”
iPhone was first termed and phased in the year 2004, when Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc. declared that Apple will create a touch-phone which will revolutionize music. iPods were still in the nascent stage at that time, and something like iPhone was never heard of. Still, the hopefuls claimed that Apple was indeed working on it, and the project will see the light someday. Skeptics argued that such hi-fi technology (for example you can flip the photo, just by moving the phone) is nothing but, fiction.
Steve had some other plans. He has done this in the past, and he knew that he can do it now. In fact, only Steve can create revolutions.
At 6 PM local time, on June 29, 2007 the iPhone was finally unveiled in the US of A. It was a historic moment for the telecom as well as software industry. Nothing in the fast changing world of technology had created so much hype as this launching date. Thousands of Apple fans lined the stores to have a first go at iPhone. And, commercially, it was a success too. Till the quarter ending March, 2009, more than 20 million iPhones has been sold worldwide. More details here:
What is so special about iPhone?
To start with, Times named this phone as the Invention of the Year in 2007. Critically acclaimed as the Best Touch-Phone and Best Multimedia phone ever, iPhone continues to create ripples along the phone industry.
The two most distinguished features of this handset are: Integrated iPod and the magnificent touch screen. Due to these features, iPhone has managed to create a class of its own among the myriad touch screen and multimedia phones available today.
With a generous 3.5 inch touch screen, and around 320 * 480 pixels, the graphics of this handset is just mind blowing. The screen is visible clearly even in the sunshine. Being a 100% touch phone, there is no key-board in this phone. The huge touch screen accommodates the keyboard as required.
And the music department of the handset is being handled by the iPod itself. Having garnered close to 90% share in the portable MP3 player segment, iPod is truly a world beater. With the features and quality of an iPod into a phone, iPhone has truly revolutionized the way phone is being used now. A classic blend of music and technology.
Things which were missed…
In a project as large as iPhone, wherein close to 300 patents in technology were filed across different streams; few shortcomings are bound to surface. Some users complained that the text messaging is not so comfortable in iPhone. Another issue which cropped up was the video recording feature which is absent in iPhone. Videos can only be shot by a VGA camera, whose quality is not much appreciated. Further, the absence of MMS facility and scalable memory can also create some hindrance. But again, these are the small issues compared to the joy and pride one can get by owning an iPhone.
Strolling along a street with a swashing iPhone near to your ears will definitely cause few heads to roll towards you. That is the moment you will feel like repeating what Steve Jobs once said about iPhone: “iPhone is Winning!”

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