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Josh Clayton

Husband and father, managing director at @thoughtbot, open-source contributor, veteran, and hophead

What I work on

I make sure developers, designers, and clients are happy.

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Design first, tests second, app code third, code review fourth, staging or TestFlight fifth, production release sixth, repeat.

  1. Fridays are for open source

    Or writing blog posts... or studying... Mondays-Thursdays, we work on consulting projects. On Fridays we have "investment time", which is self-directed and an investment in both the company and ourselves.

  2. Free and half-free conference travel

    We pay 50% for all conference travel, hotel, and registration for our folks who attend and 100% for our folks who speak. Being a part of the community and experiencing new cities is important to us.

  3. Move, but stay with the company

    We have offices in Boston, San Francisco, New York City, Denver, Stockholm, Philadelphia, and Raleigh. Many were founded by long-time thoughtbot folks moving to a new city to be with their family.


The Product Design Sprint

A Product Design Sprint is a 5-phase exercise which uses design thinking to reduce the inherent risks in successfully bringing products to market. We want the work we do to have a positive impact on the world. Our goal is not just to build “a” product, but to build the “right” product. A meaningful product that meets real people’s needs and can support a viable business.

Photos from the office

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Our stack and technology

  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Postgres
  • Unix
  • JavaScript
  • Sass
  • Objective-C
  • iOS

Why work for thoughtbot?

  1. Enjoy your work

    Our team works in a relaxed and educational environment. We use the latest technologies and embrace agile philosophies.

  2. Sustainable pace

    We work a sustainable pace of 40 hours/week, consulting for clients four days/week.

  3. Investment time

    On Fridays, we have "investment time" when we learn new tools and techniques, work on open source, create new products, write blog posts, and try to make ourselves, each other, and the community better.

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Back to Basics: Writing SQL Queries

Almost all applications store data in one format or another somewhere. Us developers spend a lot of time thinking about our data. In a most cases we end up storing that data in a relational database. The advent of the ORM has made writing raw SQL...

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