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@Vor7exx Must be something different in your configuration because Puma is configured to automatically start after the first deploy and each other deploy simply restarts your puma instance.

You can run this command (on your local machine) to start puma on the server:

cap production puma:start

@snysantos Can you explain a bit more about your set up? I can't help you with only this information.

I wrote this guide for myself, and I use it to set-up every production rails app on a VPS, and the last time I used this guide was 4 days ago, so believe me when I say, it works.

@benmorganio Guide updated, thanks.

@jbmyid Yeah, has happened to me once. I was able to fix it using this:

You might want to change the unicorn commands with the puma ones (cap production puma:restart).

Here's a version of guide that uses puma instead of unicorn with Capistrano v3: Deploying Rails app using Nginx, Puma and Capistrano to Digital Ocean

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Beautiful theme! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you so much. I noticed this issue when I switched to a Mac from Linux. Thanks again!

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