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Posted to Installing Oracle JDK on linux over 1 year ago

Who still uses Java in the browser? I mean, other than enterprise plugins, who needs or wants it?

Posted to Better REPL in Lein over 1 year ago

Have you tried REPL-y or Emacs nrepl.el ?

Posted to Generate UUID at shell prompt over 1 year ago

Try this =>
uuidgen | tr '-' nil | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'

Posted to Bitcoin's Value is Decentralization over 1 year ago


Posted to Clojure, Noir, and RESTful services over 1 year ago

@runexec test

Posted to Clojure, Noir, and RESTful services over 1 year ago

@runexec test

Posted to Clojure, Noir, and RESTful services over 1 year ago

@<script> test

Posted to Rapid prototyping w/ Pencil Project over 1 year ago

@jjosealonso I checked it out a little bit the downsides are just too great.
Here's a list at to why you shouldn't use that service<br />
1) It's a freemium service with your work walled/hosted on their servers.
2) Requires an internet connection
3) Closed source website
4) You trust that their servers are secure enough to protect your work
<br />

Please let me know what you think.

Posted to The truth about SSD's over 1 year ago

+1 SSD OS install in less than 15 minutes.
I just made a macbook air clone with an Acer Aspire S3-391 20GB SSD hosting my / partition and a WD 500GB hosting /home. No Swap or GRUB via Systemd.
[on@localhost ~]$ free | grep Swap
Swap: 0 0 0

Posted to Multi Thread wget over 1 year ago

Thanks 1+

Posted to The Holy Grail of PHP over 1 year ago
Don't forget to install php-extra php-mode phpcs-psr maple. Then just M-x php-mode^M

Happy hackin' +1

Posted to A very useful CLI alias over 1 year ago

Try this alias lsl='ls --color=auto'

Comes in handy. +1

Posted to Nice Form Validation over 1 year ago

@elclanrs Thanks!! This is not the same thing. For example !! == (! (! value)),so your solution is not the same as my ternary if-else expression. Your solution is not false, and my solution is if-else. Thanks a bunch for your help. I'll remember to use this where appropriate. Also, I prefer (x) ? : ; as opposed to !! because, this style of if-else is almost universal in the popular languages of today.

Posted to Easier Java object initialization over 1 year ago

This is a great example of functional programming. +1

It's not as nice as the cousin (hash-map & [[k v]]), but that's for another day. Thanks for the tip +1.

Posted to How to kill (a great many) processes over 1 year ago

Try pgrep. Example,

[RyanKelker ~]$ pgrep vlc    
[RyanKelker ~]$  for pid in `pgrep vlc`;do echo $pid; done    
[RyanKelker ~]$ ps aux | grep vlc | wc -l    
[RyanKelker ~]$  

Life is too short to learn something you don't enjoy. +1

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