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Riyadh Al Nur

Full-stack Software and Electrical Engineer, MCP
Full-stack Software and Electrical Engineer, MCP
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Posted to Cloning Javascript Objects over 1 year ago

a better method is to use the Object.create() method. It supports copying circular structures

Posted to Change WP default sub menu class over 1 year ago

welcome :)

Posted to Git Squash Commits over 1 year ago

yes it will open up a interactive session where you can choose the commits to keep which technically is squashing and since we are passing it a number, it will only pull up the specified number of commits in the session

good thinking. we actually use this method as well to deploy at NewsCred

Posted to jQuery DOM creation tips over 1 year ago

cool.thanks for the tip :)

Use the Batarang extension for Chrome to debug your Angular apps. It's the official app from the Angular team @tylersdesk

Posted to Protect Ghost blog on NginX over 1 year ago

Even though a single user can register, if the path is accessible, your whole site can be comprised. Think of it like how you deny all access to your wp-admin folder in WordPress.

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