Last Updated: July 12, 2018
· eresendez

Try GetCandy OpenSource E-Commerce & Admin API Hub

GetCandy is an e-commerce API and administration system designed to help create amazing online stores with full control over functionality and user experience.

It is currently in the Alpha version, but it is not recommended to be used in production for the moment.

It's a project that personally attracts my attention, for the following characteristics:

  • Open source
  • Api + Admin Hub are free to use in any project
  • Fast!
  • Free to extend by building plugins
  • PHP + MySQL
  • Laravel in its latest version

The repository can be cloned from getcandy-store.

git clone https://github.com/getcandy/candy-store.git

Tried the solution, the installation was simple and fast; the only problem I found was with its landing page, however, that issue was already treated here.

To try it out, you can find more information at Candy Store Wiki.