Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· tijs
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Move your private repos to Bitbucket

With the recent Bitbucket redesign Github and Bitbucket are now pretty much equal in the features and looks department which makes switching that much easier. Especially if your a small studio with less than five developers the choice between free (Bitbucket for unlimited private repos) and $25/month or more (Github for only 10 repos) is an easy one to make.

Luckily switching git repositories is a simple matter of changing the upstream on the machines that use the repo which is terribly simple.

git remote rm origin  #Removes old origin
git remote add origin git://<repo url>  #Adds new origin pointing to BitBucket
git push -u origin master  #Pushes commits for master to new repo

Depending on your setup you might have to change the upstream for other branches too but this is all there is to it for the basic setup.

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I do that with my team too (:

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Privates are on bitbucket

over 1 year ago ·
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