Last Updated: December 26, 2018
· erikthedev_

Level Up Your Terminal/vim Experience and Development Workflow

Today, I experienced a revolution.

I have been using (very happily) Sublime Text 2 as my go-to IDE for some time now (much more on that later...), but have been finding myself working out of the Terminal/Console more and more. It started with having to manage a few remote servers (and cringing all the while) and has slowly evolved into an enjoyable experience.

Thanks to some very inspiring developers who definitely merit a block of your time to look into (and a more decent block of time than I now have to credit/link).


*** More coming soon. In all reality, I just wanted to share this with anyone who may be interested in what your terminal workflow could look like

Any tips from you more experienced vim addicts out there? I would like to hear your terminal/vim secrets you've acquired over the years!

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Also, you can use tmuxinator to jump into work directly without a need to manually open splits and running commands inside them.

over 1 year ago ·

tmux - (better splits workflow between terminal and vi ),
tmuxinator - save and manage tmux workspace,
reattach-to-user-namespace - this is for yanking and pasting to vi within tmux
vimux - you sometimes want to just use a <leader>key to trigger the last command send to tmux without having to actually jump to tmux and excecute
than search for quick movement between vi and tmux

over 1 year ago ·