Last Updated: February 25, 2016
· analogj

QuietThyme: PDF + Mobi + Send To Kindle Support


We've had a busy few days here at QuietThyme, and we are proud to announce the following:

New features

  1. We launched into beta with only support for ePub ebooks, and while it worked great for most of you, we know that not everyone is able to download or convert their files into the open ePub format. We've added support for PDF and Mobi ebooks, and are planning on adding support for others very soon.

  2. Send To Kindle. While QuietThyme's iPad, Nook and Android support has always been front and center, we've been unable to showcase our Kindle support until now. QuietThyme now allows you to send any PDF, Mobi or PRC ebook directly to your Kindle device.

Upcoming Features

  1. Ebook Conversion. The large ebook retailers all have different ebook formats that they prefer. This can be a huge problem because your ebook reader may only be compatible with some of them. We're looking at different solutions that will allow you to view the ebook you paid for, no matter what device you want to view it on.

  2. Box.Net and Google Drive. QuietThyme already lets you store your ebook library on your DropBox, but our goal is to also let you store your ebooks on Box.Net and Google Drive while still using the simple QuietThyme interface to manage your books.

QuietThyme is still in Beta, we look forward to hearing any feedback you may have.

-Jason Kulatunga
Lead Developer and Founder of QuietThyme


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